Est. 2001


Video and Audio Production by Ian Scheller


In the summer of 2001 during the tail end of a deflated .com boom, I walked east on Houston Street. It was a beautiful sunny day in noisy Manhattan.

There was a group of construction vehicles digging up a site, laying the foundation for something new.

As the world was scurrying to label the invention of the internet a fad, fate had me find The International Consultant Bureau.

As The International Consultant, I help people be as creative as they want to be.

Our Story

Concrete jungle.


I specialize in social, web and broadcast video. See my portfolio of work on Vimeo.

Savvy, professional and quick, with an old school work ethic. You cannot beat the ICB.

Brandon Blomquist, Game Breakfast

Video Process

The 5 Step Video Production Process.


Mixing and mastering of audio for video production.

Also visit our partner site for our world renowned indy artists.

Thank you for being a samurai through this entire process!

Adam Gertler, Food Network Star


Professional level audio.